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If you have an old car that you are no longer driving or if you have a car that you no
longer drive, for whatever reason, call us at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch.

Here Is Our Process

When you are used to things being challenging, it certainly is refreshing to come across something that is simple and uncomplicated. When you want to sell your junk car to us at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch, we make the entire process super simple. This all happens in just three simple steps:

1. Call us for a quote - Our quotes are offered free of charge and with no-obligation to accept. We offer you a quote based on the information obtained about the car you want to sell.

2. Accept our quote – One you’ve accepted our quote we will arrange the pickup of your car

3. Pickup and Pay – We’ll arrive to your location with the cash we quoted you for your car and we’ll have a tow truck to pickup the car.

What can be more simple than this? You don’t even have to worry about the paperwork associated with selling a car. We’ll handle it all for you at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch. It is typically more challenging trying to sell a car on your own. It could be especially difficult to sell a junk car and expect to get anything for it. Some people will simply sell certain parts of their vehicle, not realizing that they could probably receive more from us for the entire car. If you have ever thought of selling the parts of a car you are no longer driving, why not give us a call and find out what we can offer you for you car. It may surprise you to find out how much we are willing to pay you for you car.

If you have ever had the misfortune of being taken advantage of by someone, you know it isn’t a good feeling. You won’t have to worry about this when you deal with us. You have the option to accept or decline our offer. When you are given this chance, you decide whether you feel the price is fair or not. You are treated with respect and dignity. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you when you don’t have to. Many women do not attempt to sell their junk cars for fear that they will be taken advantage of. If you are a women who finds herself in this situation, we are the answer to your problem. You can trust our services and trust that you will be handled with the respect that you deserve.

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We really can’t think of an easier way for you to make money, if you have a car that you aren’t driving. Do yourself a favor and give us a call to see what we can give you for your car. You may even think that if you call us several times, you’ll hear something different. We assure you that you will not. We do not have hidden fees. We always offer full-disclosure which allows you to make a well-informed decision as to how you wish to proceed. We are a well-known, reputable service who takes pride in all that we do. CALL TODAY!


"My car was a piece of crap, truthfully. I couldn’t find anyone to even take a second look at it.
Cash for Junk Cars bought it on the spot, cash money. I was shocked how easy it was."

Pinkie J.