What We Buy

Don’t worry about whether we’ll want you car or not. We buy cars of every type regardless of whether it is running or not, if it is wrecked, has high miles, salvaged, trucks, suv’s, pick-ups and more. Call us up and allow us to speak to you further about the types of vehicles we’ll buy. At Cash for Junk Cars Antioch, we’ll make you a fair offer for your car. Some people can’t believe that we actually pay them cash for what they have. It is true that we buy cars regardless of how they actually look or the condition that they are in. Keep your money in your pocket and don’t waste it placing ads in the local newspaper. This can be a real pain within itself. We are the only people that you will ever have to deal with. There is never a third-party person who will contact you later to sell you anything. We only offer you a quote and you accept or decline. It is pretty cut and dry despite what some people may think.

If you have been trying to get a car repaired but haven’t had much luck, it may be time to give us a call at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch. Why throw money at a problem that isn’t improving when you could be putting more money in your pocket? Surprisingly, just because its a junk car doesn’t mean you can’t money from it. You won’t have to worry about trying to negotiate a fair price because there is no negotiating to be done. We offer you an uncomplicated and no hassle way to sell your car. We understand that something this easy sounds to good to be true even though it is. You may not be the first to find out how simple it is to get cash for your junk car. Go ahead and give our associates a call to find out what we are willing to give you for your junk car. Don’t let anyone discourage you from giving us a call. You may be sorry that you did. The easiest and most convenient way to get rid of that car that you are not driving is to give us a call. We are usually able to arrive the same day you call on us to come pick up your car. It’s true, you could have that cash in your hand the same day you call us up. We hand over the cash at the same time that we come by to pick up the car.

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"My car was a piece of crap, truthfully. I couldn’t find anyone to even take a second look at it. Cash for Junk Cars bought it on the spot, cash money. I was shocked how easy it was."
- Pinkie J.