If you have an old car that you are no longer driving or if you have a car that you no longer drive, for whatever reason, call us at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch. We will pick up that car for you and put cash in your hand. Don’t worry about if we’ll want your car or not because it is likely that we will. We accept the following cars:

  1. Junk cars
  2. SUV’s
  3. Wrecked cars
  4. Salvaged cars
  5. Trucks
  6. Lost titles
  7. Cars
  8. Non-operating cars
  9. Vans
  10. Running cars

If you have something cluttering up your yard or garage, think about selling your car to us at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch. We realize that you may not think this process is going to be easy but let us reassure you that it really is. We know there is enough for you to think about in your daily lives and having to figure out what to do with a car that you are no longer using is one less thing you probably don’t want to think about. We’ll you don’t have to when you call us to come pick up the car for you. Our process is this simple:

  1. Call our associates for a quote
  2. Accept our offer to purchase your junk car
  3. Pickup and pay for your car

In addition to the benefit of having cash in your hand, here are several other benefits to consider:

  1. No towing fees
  2. Same day pay/pickup
  3. We come to you
  4. Bonded/Licensed
  5. Quick cash transaction
  6. Handling of all paperwork

We want you to know how convenient and how easy this process is. Why not give us a call to answer any questions that you may have about our process and service. There isn’t really anything that we wouldn’t tell you that isn’t already outlined here. You won’t hear anything different because there is no hidden fees or hidden agenda’s. We keep it clear and concise when explaining how our process works. Keep it simple and people will come. This is how we believe in doing things. Give us a chance to show you how easy it is to make money selling a car you are no driving, than you could even imagine. We are a well-known, reputable service in Antioch. CALL TODAY: (925) 350-8949

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"My car was a piece of crap, truthfully. I couldn’t find anyone to even take a second look at it. Cash for Junk Cars bought it on the spot, cash money. I was shocked how easy it was."
- Pinkie J.